JAUPIN | Bespoke eyewear

Gate Avenue JAUPIN, Zone A Unit 34, DIFC, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Delaware City, DE
United States


Website: https://www.jaupin.com/

JAUPIN offers french luxury eyewear, handcrafted by unique and tailor-made designs.

About the designer:

I developed my expertise in image consulting as an optician in the most important Parisian eyewear boutiques for over a decade. In 2014, I decided to go towards a new way of eyewear design that has long been my passion: the handmade creation of personalized eyewear. Ambitious, creative and technical, my desire is to offer a new service in the eyewear market. After my introduction to high jewellery craftsmanship, my own personal style began to emerge and translated into what I saw as a gap in the market for bespoke, one of a kind eyewear. Following this dedication to build my business I was finally recognised and crowned with the title of Maître artisan.

Working with buffalo horn, acetate, metal, and more along with an expert craftsmanship, results in making my eyewear creations genuine sculptures that bear the mark of a beautiful, clean and identifiable style.

Intuitive and passionate, I work with unusual materials (inlay of fabrics, handcrafted leather...) creating an unexpected beautiful harmony within each creation.

The chic and refined signature of Jaupin has been chosen by several brands to design and create their new eyewear collections, creating the fashion of today and of tomorrow.

Business Email: contact@jaupin.com

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